About Me

Haldar Soumyajyoti

I am a researcher focusing on computational material physics, magnetism, spintronics, 2D materials, defects & impurities, and atomistic spin dynamics. I strive for open source and open data.

My Career

Post-doc at University of Kiel, Kiel, Germany

Since April 2017, I am a post-doc in Spintronics Theory Group of Prof. Stefan Heinze at the Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics of University of Kiel.

Apr. 2017 - Current

Post-doc at Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

After finishing PhD, from December 2016 to March 2017, I was a post-doc in Materials Theory Division at Department of Physics and Astronomy, Uppsala University. I was working with Prof. Biplab Sanyal.

Dec. 2016 - Mar. 2017

PhD at Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

In November 2016, I graduated from a PhD from the Uppsala University, Sweden. My thesis was entitled "Influence of defects and impurities on the properties of 2D materials". My PhD supervisors were Prof. Biplab Sanyal and Prof. Olle Eriksson.

Apr. 2012 - Nov. 2016
PhD candidate

System Administrator at Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

From April 2012 to March 2017, during my stay at the Uppsala University, I have also worked part time as System Administrator for the Materials Theory division at the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Apr. 2012 - Mar. 2017
System Administrator

Junior Research Fellow, University of Pune, Pune, India

From July 2009 to January 2012, I was Junior Research Fellow at Centre for Modeling and Simulation, University of Pune. I was working with Prof. Dilip Kanhere in a Indo-Swiss joint research programme funded by DST and SNSF.

Jul. 2009 - Jan. 2012
Junior Research Fellow

MSc in Physics at University of Pune, Pune, India.

In June 2009, I graduated from a Masters of Science in Physics. My final thesis "Simulation Studies of Defect in Semiconductor Clusters".

Jul. 2007 - Jun. 2009
MSc student candidate

BSc in Physics at University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India.

In June 2007, I graduated from a Bachelors of Science in Physics from St. Xavier's College.

Aug. 2004 - Jun. 2007
BSc student candidate

My Skills



Ab initio Calculations/Materials Modelling


Magnetism/Molecular Magnets




2D Materials/Surfaces


Atomistic Spin Dynamics


Molecular Dynamics




Electronic Transport/ NEB Methods

Bash Scripting

My Publications


  • Metallic clusters on a model surface: Quantum versus geometric effects

    S. A. Blundell, S. Haldar, and D. G. Kanhere
    Physical Review B 84, 075430 (2011) [Link]


  • A systematic study of electronic structure from Graphene to Graphane

    P. Chandrachud, B. S. Pujari, S Haldar, B. Sanyal, and D. G. Kanhere
    Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 22, 465502 (2010) [Link]

Book Chapters

  • Defects in Graphene and its derivatives. In PK Nayak, Recent Advances in Graphene Research

    S. Haldar and B. Sanyal
    InTech, 2016. [Link]
  • Ab Initio Studies on the Hydrogenation at the Edges and Bulk of Graphene. In L. Ottaviano, V Morandi, GraphITA 2011: Selected papers from the Workshop on Fundamentals and Applications of Graphene

    S. Haldar , S. Bhandary, P. Chandrachud, B. S. Pujari, M. I. Katsnelson, O. Eriksson, D. Kanhere, and B. Sanyal
    Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2012. [Link]


  • Influence of impurities and defects on the properties of 2D materials

    S. Haldar Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at Uppsala University, Sweden, 2016 [Thesis]
  • Fe Adatoms on 2D Surfaces: Influence of Defects and Interfaces

    S. Haldar Licentiate of Philosophy (LiC) at Uppsala University, Sweden, 2014 [Thesis]
  • Simulation Studies of Defect in Semiconductor Clusters

    S. Haldar Master in Science in Physics at University of Pune, 2009 [Thesis]

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